FALL 2020

English 585: Texas Counterstories on Race, Resistance, Resilience, and HOPE
English 615: Professing English (workshop designed for all doctoral students)

WRITING DEMOCRACY (proposed course, to be included in 2021-2022 graduate catalog): A graduate seminar that examines what it means and what it (may) take to “write democracy” in(to) our everyday, ordinary lives and over time. Attending to the rhetoricity of global human rights and taking an intersectional approach to race and racism, students will examine various texts (articles, letters, photographs, newsletters, scrapbooks, memos, film, student writing, and other archival materials) to answer questions like the following: how can (and have) historically marginalized groups leveraged writing to enact systemic change, especially with respect to representations of race and resistance? How have calls for global human rights played out at local levels? Final projects may include digital humanities projects and other creative work that apply lessons these previous rhetorical projects teach us (as writing instructors, researchers, community members, and administrators) about how to institutionalize inclusivity in response to today’s calls for justice–(re)writing democracy for everyone rather than a select few.

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